Memo App Platform

  • Client: Memo App
  • Date: 01/20/2020
  • Category: Website Application

Memo App is a video editing platform that enables groups of people to work on the same project, creating memorable video content. In just three simple steps, anyone can create personal or work-related videos.

Our job was to develop the platform, build out its functionalities and adapt it to a web application when accessed on mobile devices.

The “Memo Maker App” started as a migration project, not a from scratch project. It was challenging adapting to previously made decisions regarding code structure and architecture. The original code structure and architecture were built in a different style of programming, balancing a new codebase while implementing new features like video and audio manipulation was not an easy task.

As an organization we were unsure how much effort it would take to develop the pending features and complete the MVP. Our team invested time in understanding what we were building and which tools to use to get the ball rolling. We also defined a clear communication strategy with the creation of specific Slack channels for the team, Trello dashboards, and documents to track the development.

We made use of a diverse range of technologies to incorporate video and audio manipulation into this complex job. The core of the app was built with ReactJS alongside Oauth2 and Firebase for the authentication process. Firebase was also used for user behavior analytics. Golang and Echo were used to build out the backend. MongoDB and NoSQL were used to build the database. We used JavaScript and Material UI to create the visual aspects of the product, specifically the main components and the alignment of elements. We chose Continuous Library, Kubernetes and Docker for the deploy process. Cypress was also used to do integration testing.

The Oauth protocol implementation was one of the most difficult tasks. Building the logic for these edge cases required work in the front and backend as this type of authentication occurs in both locations.

The challenging part of the design process was adapting the editor functionalities to mobile devices. Mobile software works differently than desktop software, so we had to think in a diverse way to get the app to flow naturally on any device. The desktop version was made to show all features on one page and the mobile version was made to give the user shortcuts at only a thumbs distance away.

Our team managed to complete every task and, along the way, we learned new skills that we’ll use in projects to come. At the end of the day, the experience was challenging and fast-paced, making it satisfying and enlightening.

In conclusion, the project started simple and grew in complexity as new features were added along the way. However, Pineapple Workshop’s team is well versed and adaptable, we accomplished our challenges and delivered an astonishing MVP.


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