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Episode 26

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Thu Apr 20 2023





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Michael is a die-hard enthusiast of the crypto space. With a background in traditional finance and communications, he dove headfirst into the industry by connecting the dots for companies and projects. From educating and hosting his podcast to organizing speaker for large events such as NFT LA (now Outer Edge), his passion has led him to become the Chief Communications Officer for zKHoldem - the first fully on-chain decentralized poker product coming out on Arbitrum.

00:00 to 03:06 - Who’s Michael and zKHoldem

03:06 to 06:40 - Arbitrum

06:40 to 14:16 - zK-Proof

14:16 to 24:37 - Privacy x Transparency

24:37 to 27:37 - Other Products

27:37 to 33:00 - NFTs Conferences

33:00 to 35:40 - Where blockchain events are heading?

35:40 to 37:50 - Projects

37:50 to 41:00 - NFTs communities

41:00 to 45:25 - Checks

45:25 to 48:09 - Rounding Off


Arbitrum: Arbitrum is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, which uses Optimistic Rollups to achieve faster and cheaper transactions without sacrificing security. It enables smart contracts to be executed off-chain and then validated on-chain, resulting in faster and more efficient transactions.

L2: Layer 2 refers to a secondary framework built on top of an existing blockchain to increase its transaction capacity, improve scalability, and reduce costs. It allows for faster and cheaper transactions by processing them off the main chain while still retaining the security benefits of the underlying blockchain.

zkProofs: Zero-knowledge proofs are cryptographic protocols that enable one party to prove knowledge of certain information to another party without revealing any information beyond the proof itself.

DAO: A decentralized autonomous organization, which operates through rules encoded on a blockchain to execute transparent and democratic decision-making processes.

On-chain: Refers to operations and transactions that occur directly on a blockchain, where the data is immutable, transparent, and public.

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