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Episode 8

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Women Leading Web3

Tue Feb 07 2023



Gianina Skarlett


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Show Notes

Women Leading Web3

Gigi is a skilled software engineer who single-founded her Web3 project. She has been a passionate advocate for minorities on-boarding in tech since the early days of her career. Her project, Crypto Tech Women is a reflection of her drive and commitment to educating and easing the adoption of people into Web3 through a variety of engagement opportunities.

00:00 - 22:18 Who’s Gigi, Crypto Tech Woman, and Building a Community

22:18 - 50:26 IRL Events, Being a Woman on Web3, and Taking the First Step

Episode Important Links


Solidity - Solidity is a contract-oriented programming language used to write smart contracts for the Ethereum blockchain.

Metamask - MetaMask is a digital wallet for Ethereum-based tokens and decentralized apps, allowing users to securely manage and access their digital assets on the web.

Cold wallet - A cold wallet is a secure storage solution for cryptocurrencies that is not connected to the internet, providing extra protection against hacking and other online threats.

Hot wallet - A hot wallet is a cryptocurrency storage solution that is connected to the internet, allowing for quick and easy access to funds. It is used for frequently accessed or active crypto assets and is considered less secure than a cold wallet.

Soulbound Token - Soulbound tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that can only be transferred to a specific address, typically the original owner's address, and cannot be traded or sold.

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