Season 3

Episode 6

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Web3 + Writing = Write3

Tue Jan 31 2023



Greg Younger


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Show Notes

Web3 + Writing = Write3

Greg Younger has a background as a financial advisor but decided to turn away to follow his lifelong passion: writing. Going down the web3 rabbit hole he found an untapped sweet spot filled with possibilities merging his passion for books and writing, and the blockchain under his new endeavor: Write3.

00:00 - 23:52 - Who’s Greg, Web3 Writing, and Will Writing be Outdated?

23:52 - 56:07 - Routine, Write3 Challenges, and Write3 possibilities

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Blue Hair: older people

Defi: Descentralized Finance

Tokenomics:parameters that determine the characteristics of tokens to create economic value

Airdrops: marketing method whereby a given wallet receive a token as prize for something.

Mint: process of creating a given token or currency under the blockchain process.

NFT Derivatives: collections that has a resemblance in name and traits with other popular NFT collections.

Metamask: digital decentralized wallet that acts as a hub to web3 experiences through a vast range of dapps.

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