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Episode 5

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Digital Wallet Security with Nish

Thu Jan 26 2023





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Show Notes

Digital Wallet Security with Nish

Nish is a mathematician and cryptographer from Sydney, Australia. He has a background working for startups and big tech. Nish is solving web3 scams with his company Pocket Universe. PocketVerse is a web extension that helps users understand the transactions they are signing with their wallets. The extension displays a visual of what exactly you are signing for to protect users.

00:00 - 19:55 - Who’s Nish, to whom is Pocket Universe, and Wash Trading

19:55 - 30:36 - Challenges, Analytics, and the future of Security

30:36 - Learning from Mistakes, Potential Subscription models, and L2’s



Wash Trading: In the blockchain when the project’s team pump and dump their own assets to create a false sensation of hype.

Hard wallet: A physical ledger that can store assets and also add an extra layer of security.

L2’s: Layer 2 are scaling solution for blockchains to handle more transactions.

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