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Episode 9

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On-chain Sports Betting Unleashed

Thu Feb 09 2023





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Show Notes

On-chain Sports Betting Unleashed

Neil is a data scientist who is a big sports fan. Discovered to love playing poker with friends in middle school where he kept playing over the years until regulation policies led him into crypto poker. Having a breakthrough moment seeing the trustlessness of the blockchain and how he could take the betting model to the next level he co-founded Frontrunner.

00:00 - 19:44 Who’s Neil, Frontrunner, and Sports Betting

19:45 - 36:28 Milestones, Mobile Version, and E-Sports

36:30 - 1:00:00 Regulation, Adoption, and Breaking Down Bets

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Layer 1 - L1 can be thought of as the main blockchain. When most people refer to the blockchain they are referring to L1. L1 is where blocks are created and validated. View our blockchain layers article for more.

Layer 2 - L2 is a blockchain that sits on top of a Layer 1 mainnet. Work from Layer 1 is offloaded onto Layer 2 to handle transactions, bundle them together and then send what can be thought of as a summary of transactions back to the mainnet, L1. View our blockchain layers article for more.

Cosmos - Ecosystem built with interoperability between chains.

DeFi - Decentralized Finance, on-chain finance of cryptocurrencies.

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