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Episode 7

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Historical NFTs

Thu Feb 02 2023



Jake Gallen


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Show Notes

Historical NFTs

Jake is an LA native who began early his crypto journey winning big and losing it all. Over the pandemic lived a double life with his successful podcast and his mission to bring crypto awareness and adoption both resolving in his passion for LA. After an a-ha moment and opportunity in a Sotheby’s auction fully pivoted to historic NFT’s, being a curator, historian, and NFT podcast host.

00:00 - 31:55 - Who’s Jake, Sotheby’s Auction, and Historical NFT

31:55 - 1:22:26 - Punks, NFT Past, and Future



ICO - Initial Coin offering

UNLV - University of Las Vegas

Web2 - The day-to-day internet we are used to, usually centralized over a specific platform or company.

Web3 - The technology powered by the blockchain that allows decentralization and data ownership providing in theory more equity to all.

L2 - Layer 2 - Review our Medium article on L2s:

On-chain: transactions that occur on a blockchain that is reflected on the distributed, public ledger

Off-chain: any transaction that occurs off a blockchain database.

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