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Leveling Up Web3 Gaming

Tue Jan 17 2023





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Show Notes

Leveling Up Web3 Gaming

Luc is a self-taught programmer and self-funded entrepreneur. He solo developed an RPG game called The Fabled for three years before receiving funding at the end of 2021 being able to ramp it up. As a crypto investor since 2012, he believes in the potential of blockchain games. To this day Luc builds the majority of The Fabled’s gameplay himself. The Fabled Beta is on the market and the team is currently working on the release of the game's alpha.

00:00 - 29:20 - Who’s Luc, The Fabled, and Tokenomics

29:20 - 59:33 - Game First, P2E Challenges, and Expectations

59:33 - 1:19:10 - Game Mechanics, Alpha Release, and Community

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RPG: role-play game

Tokenomics: parameters that determine the characteristics of tokens to create economic value.

On-chain: transactions that occur on a blockchain that is reflected on the distributed, public ledger.

Off-chain: any transaction that occurs off a blockchain database.

Gamefi: the intersection of gaming and finance.

NFT: Non Fungible Tokens, digital collectables based on the blockchain.

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