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Music NFTs and Beyond

Thu Jan 19 2023





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Show Notes

Music NFTs and Beyond

David is the cofounder of Hume, the future of music on the blockchain. Hume is a web3 record label creating music driven metastars, virtually created musicians controlled by a web3 community. David was an early bitcoin investor which led to him investigating the Ethereum blockchain technology. David found a consultancy with a couple of friends.

00:00 - 22:50 - Who’s David, Hume in a nutshell, and Royalty conundrums

22:50 - 38:25 - On-chain possibilities, Angelbaby, and Hume Genesis Collection

38:25 - 1:07:19 - Live performances, CC0 + music, Audius, and Team challenges

Episode Important Links



Arbitrum: A Layer 2 blockchain scaling solution

NFT: Non Fungible Tokens, digital collectables based on the blockchain.

CC0: Creative Commons is relinquishing all copyright and similar rights that you hold in a work and dedicating those rights to the public domain.

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