Season 3

Episode 19

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Modern Memetic's

Thu Mar 23 2023





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Show Notes

Modern Memetic's

Batz is no stranger to digital arts, having worked on and refined his Generalist skills for over a decade. A big Pepe and internet culture lover, he found his tribe in the Smols community, where he not only found a community but also a way to express himself through Modern Memeism.

00:00 to 09:05 - Who’s Batz

09:05 to 12:37 - Through Line

12:37 to 18:03 - Pepes and Web3 Early Days

18:03 to 22:13 - Advice to Artists

22:13 to 29:20 - Pepe Culture

29:20 to 32:05 - GM Pepes

32:05 to 34:46 - Creating During Hard Times

34:46 to 42:05 - Pepedenza

42:05 to 45:30 - Collectors vs. Flippers

45:30 to 49:12 - Keyboard Mint

49:12 to 52:35 - Recognition

52:35 to 56:16 - Flow of Work

56:16 to 1:00:30 - For The Culture

1:00:30 to 1:06:25 - Galleries

1:06:25 to 1:12:10 - Rounding Off


Pepe: In internet culture, Pepe is a cartoon frog character that has become a popular internet meme. Originally created by artist Matt Furie for a comic series, the character has been used in a variety of contexts and has become associated with certain political and cultural movements.

Burning: In cryptocurrency, burning is the process of destroying a certain amount of a toeken relating to an NFT or cryptocurrency in order to reduce its overall supply.

Airdrop: In the context of cryptocurrency, an airdrop refers to a distribution of free tokens or coins to a large number of people. This is usually done as a marketing strategy to raise awareness of a new cryptocurrency or to reward existing holders of a particular cryptocurrency.

Metadata: Metadata refers to information that describes other data. For example, if you take a photo with your phone, the metadata associated with that photo might include information about when the photo was taken, what camera was used, and what settings were used. Metadata can be used to help organize and search for data.

CC0: CC0 is a type of Creative Commons license that allows the owner of a work to waive all copyright and related rights to the work, effectively placing it in the public domain. This means that anyone can use, modify, and distribute the work without permission or payment.

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