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Episode 23

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DAO Governance

Thu Apr 06 2023





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Show Notes

DAO Governance

Rhys was already living the startup life, working in marketing for Y Combinator when he received an invitation to go down the Web3 rabbit hole with a former boss. Intrigued, he joined the Commonwealth team, an all-in-one DAO governance platform. They offer Ethereum snapshot voting and a user interface for on-chain proposals, voting and funding new projects. Currently, they are partnered with dYdX, Stargate, Cosmos, Mfers, Axie Infinity, and more!

00:00 to 05:05 - Who’s Rhys

05:05 to 13:04 - Commonwealth

13:04 to 15:45 - Token-Gated Townhall

15:45 to 20:12 - Partners

20:12 to 24:02 - Proposal Templates

24:02 to 30:12 - DAO and Content Creators

30:12 to 33:42 - Next Steps

33:42 to 40:07 - Prevention Mechanisms

40:07 to 42:56 - Making Governance Easier

42:56 to 48:12 - Social DAOs

48:12 to 49:14 - DAOs Collabing

49:14 to 53:42 - Digital Identity

53:42 to 57:58 - Rounding Off


DAO: A decentralized autonomous organization, which operates through rules encoded on a blockchain to execute transparent and democratic decision-making processes.

On-chain: Refers to operations and transactions that occur directly on a blockchain, where the data is immutable, transparent, and public.

Discord: A communication platform that offers voice, text, and video services for communities to interact and collaborate on projects, including blockchain-related ones.

Cosmos: A decentralized network of independent blockchains that can interact and exchange data with each other, creating an internet of blockchains.

EVM: Ethereum Virtual Machine is a runtime environment for smart contracts in Ethereum that provides a sandbox for executing code in a deterministic and secure manner.

DeFi: Decentralized finance refers to a blockchain-based financial system that offers financial services, such as lending, borrowing, and trading, without intermediaries.

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