We build - and provide scalable, efficient, and visible software solutions.


A dedicated team that provides solutions

Frontend Development

Enthusiasts of design: we leverage and utilize industry leading frameworks and technologies to deliver the most effective and asthetically pleasing results.

Backend Development

Engineers of precision: we deliver backend solutions by leveraging new technologies to provide solutions of the utmost quality and speed.

Devops Engineering

Believers of efficiency: we use the most up to date systems to cut down delivery time, allowing us to develop software at an lightning speed.

Cloud Architecture

Architects of perfection: we build on stone foundations to ensure the most stable and secure cloud architecture available.

About Us

Solutions that boost your business value

Pineapple workshop is a software development organization that provides the highest quality solutions, creating digital produts and driving business through innovation and execution.

As a development shop,

we are determined to provide the highest quality solutions.

As an organization,

we strive to be the better ourselves, and to better our planet.

As an incubator,

we aspire to create products and drive business through innovations and execution.

How it works

workflow of success

Our globalized team is prepared to meet all your needs and expectations. With a diverse experience, our solutions go beyond the ordinary.


First step is to align our team with your idea, then define our strategy for execution.


We then start to build your product, thinking about usability, user experience and cutting-edge technologies.


Testing the project is a vital part of the procedure. Avoid significant damage to the user and your company.


With the launch of the product, we constantly monitor user activity and provide necessary support.


We analyze all client feedback throughout the project to evolve as a team.


With new projects or iterations, we start from the beginning and continual develop.


A demonstration of our teamwork

Dive Project

Dive App Platform

Dive App

It's time to bring your ideas to life